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My approach to Trauma Recovery incorporates a wide range of therapies including:

SE™- Somatic Experiencing

Areas of focus and specialties: 

  • Chronic Pain

  • Motor Vehicle Accidents

  • Concussions & PTSD

  • Medical Trauma

  • Addiction

  • Relational/Developmental Trauma


Dave Berger's:

  • BASE™-Bodywork and Somatic Education

  • Concussion and PTSD

  • Relational Development, Rupture & Repair

  • Eye of teh Needle

Kathy Kain's: 

  • SE Touch Skills 

Dr. Peter Levine

  • Power Dynamics & Intimacy

  • Trauma in the Public Eye

  • Aggression, Depression and Life Force

  • Syndromes

  • Archetypes

Ann & Joel Issacs’s:  

  • Bodynamic Developmental Psychology

Roland William’s:

  • CENAPS Relapse Prevention

Dr. James Gordon’s:

  • Advanced Mind Body Medicine Groups

Larry Heller’s:

  • NARM™-Neuro Affective Relational Model

Raja Selvam’s:

  • ISP-Integral Somatic Psychotherapy

Ariel Giaretto and Tom Callanan’s:

  • Full Embodiment 

  • Sexual Trauma

Strozzi Institute:

  • POET - The Power of Embodied Transformation

Steve Hoskinson:

  • Using SE in Play Therapy with Children

  • SE Trauma Therapy

Requirements to receive SEP Certificate

Personal SE Sessions: 4 hours

Case Consultations *see Notes section*: 4 Credit Hours


  • *It is strongly recommended that your personal sessions/consultations are distributed throughout your training as indicated to get maximum educational benefit. However, in the case that all sessions are not met before starting the next year of training, incomplete hours should be completed at the next level of training. Once you begin the first day of a new level of training, all sessions you receive must be given by a Provider approved to give credited sessions and/or consults at your current level of training. Before booking sessions, please verify on our website that the Provider is approved for your current training level.

  • ** 3 hours of Group Case Consultation is equal to 1 Credit Hour of case consultation. For all individual case consults and personal sessions: 1 hour session = 1 credit hour.

  • This will ensure that all requirement will not be met without a participant ever personally presenting a case.Individual Case Consultation format. Participants must receive a minimum of 4 hours of the required 18 credit hours of Case Consultation in an Individual Case Consultation format. This will ensure that all requirements
    will not be met without a participant ever personally presenting a case.

  • Participants must have a minimum of 6 credit hours of the required 18 credit hours of Case Consultation with an Institute faculty member. This can be either in the Group or Individual
    Case Consultation venue. Faculty members are listed on our website.

  • We encourage you to obtain sessions from a variety of Providers who have been trained by different faculty members so that you may benefit from their diverse experience, education, backgrounds and styles.

Please mail or scan/email your completed session logs to the Institute upon completion of total required hours for SEP certificate. Keep a copy for your records; participants arresponsible for tracking their own session hours.

 I have had the pleasure of working with Dawn as an assistant in Beginning and Intermediate with Dave Berger in Sacramento, CA. I have found Dawn to be extremely easy to work with.  She communicates well and can easily make difficult concepts simple and easily obtainable.  She is very wise, knowledgeable, approachable and caring in her supervision and as a provider. 
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