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Dawn Angel


I’m a light warrior. As a light warrior I believe in a better world on the other side of trauma. I recognize that as we cast light, we also create shadows. It’s the beautiful balance of nature. To not only seek the light but honor our shadows as well like the journey of the moon phases from shadow to light and light to shadow. As we journey the road of better health, we may come across bits of ourselves that we have never known. For me to accompany people on their journey and the discovery of the various dimensions of self is such a rewarding journey for myself. I come to my work with great passion for others healing and deep compassion for others suffering.


In 2010 I discovered Somatic Experiencing (SE) and had no idea how powerful this discovery would be not only for my clients but for my own recovery journey as well.

I know about trauma academically and experientially. Traumas have made my journey through life a challenging and rewarding adventure from birth to adulthood. A comprehensive set of recovery tools has helped me build trauma resilience, an experience that fuels me as I help my clients develop on their own recovery adventure.

In order to face our deepest wounds, we must build the capacity to manage the activation (anxiety/stress) that comes with the face to face encounter with our traumatic events. Facing the tiger (trauma) and supporting the defensive responses (fight/flight) that didn’t get to happen at the time of the event.

Freeing my clients from long held functional freeze. That part in the nervous system that holds you back from living the vibrant life you are meant to live and experiencing the aliveness that fuels your joy and passion.


I continued learning more and more about trauma recovery. Using both, a touch model (table) to psychotherapeutic model (chair to chair).


The healing journey is an adventure. If you are ready to begin or continue your recovery journey, be an explorer of self, it would be an honor to journey and discover with you.

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Phases Trauma Services


During this hour and a half session we will talk through your history and track your physiology’s response to it, take an assessment of your walk, posture, and holding patterns to better understand how your body holds your trauma’s patterning, and answer any questions you may have about moving forward with our time together.

Over the course of a 15 minute free consultation, we will get to know each other. I will begin to better understand your trauma recovery needs and you will begin to understand the tools I can use to build your adventure to trauma recovery.

During this 50-minute session, we will use a variety of mind and body therapeutic tools to support you in your adventure towards trauma recovery.


The History Intake Session must be completed before booking this session type. We are only seeing fully vaccinated clients at this time.


"Somatic Experience with Dawn Angel is transforming my life and offering me newfound hope, faith, courage, and inspiration for the future one session at a time"


My Toolbox


Therapy focused on regulating the nervous system after trauma.


Our Focus & Specialties: Chronic Pain, Motor Vehicle

Accidents, Concussions & PTSD, Medical Trauma, Addiction, Relational/Developmental Trauma, Groups

Body-oriented approach to using

relational touch to overcome the

effects of trauma



Therapy focused on developmental trauma

Concussions & PTSD

Advanced method of bodywork and somatic education