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Our bones hold our history and our existence.  

Bone Breathing touch work is a form of Somatic touch work that is designed to help clients come into their bones and address issues surrounding the idea and feeling to exist.  Either through developmental trauma, injury, or surgeries, we can become dissociated in our bones, our core structure, and where we connect to the existence of our physiological self.  When we die, what remains are our bones.  This is how generations know we existed, the same way that we know dinosaurs existed.  Many of my clients come in with developmental trauma and often have a feeling state that they don’t exist. 

As children, we don’t have a sense of our selves and need that reflection from our caregivers. We need our caregivers to see us and engage with us, so that we can feel like we exist.  

With guided Bone Breathing, conscious touch, and connecting to a client’s subtle body, I can help clients come back into their bones.  This along with connecting to a client’s story, feeling state of not existing, being witnessed as existing and tracking the client’s response to this, I can help clients have a deeper understanding and feeling of connecting to existing here and now.

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