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Phases Trauma Services

Discovery Session

Over the course of a 20 minute free consultation, we will get to know each other. I will begin to better understand your trauma recovery needs and you will begin to understand the tools

I can use to build your adventure to trauma recovery.

Virtual Session

During this 50-minute video conference, we will connect using a private and secure video software and use variety of tools to move us

closer to the destination of

your trauma recovery adventure.

The History Intake Session must be completed before booking this

session type.

History Intake

During this 80 minute session we will talk through your history and track your physiology’s response to it and tracking holding patterns to better understand how your body holds your trauma’s patterning, and answer any questions you may have about moving forward with our time together.

SE and BASE Students

Individual Somatic Experiencing personal sessions at all levels & individual Somatic Experiencing consult sessions available at all levels.

All sessions come with an session signature email from Dawn Angel Averitt, LMT, SEP, NARM, BASE.

Must be a current student of SE and/or BASE.

In-Person Session

During this 50-minute session, we will use a variety of mind and body therapeutic tools to support you in your adventure towards trauma recovery.

The History Intake Session must be completed before booking this session type. We are only seeing fully vaccinated clients at this time.

Beginning Group Consult

This will be a virtual group session where you may present client cases and/or questions about SE in general. I am approved with SEI at the Beginning level for group case consults and you will receive a signature email just after the group that will count

toward your hours.

Bone Breathing

In this 80 minute session, we will explore your connection to existence. We will then connect this to your core structure being your bones. This will give you a deeper sense of existing in the here and now.

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