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Motor Vehicle Accident 
Treatment Options


While we hope the tips and suggestions are helpful for you, it can also often be extremely valuable to work with a professional who can further guide you through your therapeutic journey. 

While there are many different forms of treatment, it is widely acknowledged by most professionals that the most effective and fastest approach to dealing with these sorts of symptoms is something known as “somatic experiencing.”

Somatic experiencing is also the only form of therapy specifically designed to deal with the aftermath of a motor vehicle accident.

For more information, I recommend the book “Crash Course” by Heller and Heller.

When we are in a car crash, we are often expected to be able to put it behind us because “these things happen.” Unfortunately, it is this “stiff upper lip” mentality that makes it impossible for our bodies to complete the process that might otherwise have discharged the energies marshaled to deal with the threat and is now causing various symptoms. Somatic Experiencing is designed to help resolve the symptoms of what is known as “shock trauma” and restore your life to normal.​

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