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Motor Vehicle Accident Tips


Car accidents are so commonplace that people think that recovery is common too. This is not usually the case and there are so many possible symptoms that they can often be overlooked. 

  • Give yourself time! Rest is incredibly  important at this time for your healing.

  • Your mind is going to think about the accident. That is totally normal but try not to think about it in a linear way.

  • Think about what you did before the accident — where were you on your way to — and when you knew you were relatively ok and alive after the accident. Say, “I’m alive.”

  • List your resources. Start with your friends, hobbies, spiritual support, pets, family, and groups. Knowing that you have support in any way is helpful.

  • Use a relaxation app. A few good options are Calm, Headspace or Relax Melodies. These apps offer guided meditation and breathing exercises to help relax your body and mind in as little as 3 minutes.

  • Create safe boundaries. Get a piece of string, twine, or rope, and put it on the floor around you. Stand inside the circle, and notice what areas feel safest for you — in front, the sides, behind, or at an angle. Make the boundary wide in whatever areas you want a bigger boundary. Notice how your body responds. Be aware of your breath.

  • When you start to feel anxious, allow yourself to pause, look around and find 3 things to look at. Notice the details. For instance, if it’s a flower, notice the pedals, the veins, stem and leaves.

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